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Internet Reviews
8:08 AM
In one of the books I have read about marketing strategy says that "The Word of the Mouth is the most Effective Way of Advertising”. Whether you believe it or not is no longer a question. I cannot as well give you an assurance whether it is indeed the best of all Market Strategies available since I myself have not tried it. I am not into business and I have nothing to market about. What I have is a piece of blogsite to tell you about the things happening around me, my views, my emotions, ideas, my principles and all that can be written. However, I will give you some observations to which the thought is overwhelming in its efficacy.

Sans Rival

There is this restaurant called Lachi which not known to me until I met this friend. She said that the restaurant serves competitive delicacies in town. When we are to talk about competitiveness, it includes quality and price. You must understand that no matter how extraordinary a good is, it is likely not vendible if it is not affordable. Think of a normal economic person with rational thinking in this case because some economic behaviors are irrational in nature. Let us say, a superstar is willing to spend much more than an ordinary person is willing to spend in order to get a good of the same quality. So after several convincing, we went to the restaurant and tried their best seller. But getting to the restaurant is not that easy, it requires you to get a reservation because it only caters few costumers a day and the space is quite not enticing. To my surprise, the servings were excellent. In fact it is the most affordable and one of the best servings I could find in Davao City.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Pork Ribs

Mud Pie

Lachi doesn’t have website. It doesn’t advertise. It only serves best and its customers serve as an advertiser as much as I have become. I like to tell friends about this restaurant. I like bringing people there and let them experience their sumptuous servings. I cannot help but let the people know because I believed that the restaurant serves the best.

As I have observed, it seemed like that there is a formula behind the market of Lachis. The first to its equation is the QUALITY of the services. Lachis has been the caterer of cakes of most of the existing Coffe Shops in Davao. Had it not for the quality, customers might not be able to find it satisfying. Second to it is the type of customers that they have. We know that customers have different taste and choices and respond differently based on their specific need and wants. While this is true, the customers of Lachis ranges from all walks of life. The president of the company that I am working with loves their Steak, I see customers from different companies in Davao and students as well. The variety of customers is a factor of its success.

Another good example that fits that thought of market strategy is Blogadvertisingstore. As much as I blog for the things I like to share I cannot help it but share my experiences in Blog Advertising. I tell you, its not waste of time being part of it. Just try and compared what it got from the others.
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