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In one of the books I have read about marketing strategy says that "The Word of the Mouth is the most Effective Way of Advertising”. Whether you believe it or not is no longer a question. I cannot as well give you an assurance whether it is indeed the best of all Market Strategies available since I myself have not tried it. I am not into business and I have nothing to market about. What I have is a piece of blogsite to tell you about the things happening around me, my views, my emotions, ideas, my principles and all that can be written. However, I will give you some observations to which the thought is overwhelming in its efficacy.

Sans Rival

There is this restaurant called ... Read more »

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The smile pockets a rattling controversy.
Views: 250 | Added by: henry | Date: 09.01.2009 | Comments (0)

Another post from my inbox. Whiz kid mathematical manipulation.

-How to expand-

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Unless you're living a seriously alternative lifestyle, you've probably been communicating via text for a while now. You text your friends, your dates -- even your parents. It's quick, convenient, and usually makes your life more pleasant... except when you come face to face with the 10 worst texting offenses in the world. Check 'em out below, plus some advice on how to stop offenders in their tracks.

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Corazon C. Aquino
(Born- January 25, 1933)
Seventh and First Woman President of the Republic of the Philippines
(Term: February 25, 1986- June 30, 1992)

Corazon Aquino was a political leader and president from (1986 to 1992) of the Philippines.

In 1983 she succeeded her husband and senator, Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr. as leader of the opposition to then president Ferdinand Marcos. Aquino was assassinated in the same year at the then Manila International Airport following his arrival from the US where he stayed for seven years.

No one could have imagined that Mrs. Aquino would become president, the first woman to ... Read more »

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Ansel Adams loved the area around Yosemite National Park so much that he called it “the great earth gesture,” as if Mother Nature had rewarded humanity with a prize. As history’s greatest landscape photographer, Adams knew a thing or two about stunning natural settings, but even his view was extremely limited. Had he been born a century later, chances are good that Adams would have photographed drop dead vistas from the Andes to the Australian Outback, but instead he confined his photography almost exclusively to the American West.

... Read more »

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A Kiss

A butterfly resting
Flutters it's wings.
One glimpse of this
Delicate being
Is breathtaking .
A tiny eyelash
Making your biggest dreams
Come true,
With a simple puff
Is amazing .
A boy taking his life
For a girl
He knows he loves.
No matter
How foolish
Is immense .
Butterfly kisses,
Careful wishes,
And star-crossed lovers...
Make a kiss
Views: 182 | Added by: henry | Date: 06.29.2009 | Comments (0)

Natura Beauty
Views: 298 | Added by: henry | Date: 06.29.2009 | Comments (0)

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